Updated Paper- “Placement of a (Li-Ion battery)-based Grid Scale Energy Storage System for the Kenyan Grid”

Every grid is different in its own right; different number of buses, different voltages and different
dynamics in terms of loading. This means there is potentially myriads of studies that can be
conducted on grids considering this factor alone. That said, no study has been conducted on GSES
in the Kenyan Grid.
Most of the studies that have been conducted have mainly focused on RES integration rather than
potential benefits to a grid already integrated with RES; this study aims to bridge this gap.
Studies that have been conducted thus far have come up with possible case scenarios to determine
placement and benefits of said placement of BESS without applying prevailing conditions. This
study aims to scrutinize dispatch characteristics in the Kenyan grid to determine opportunities for
placement of BESS for a more targeted approach.
It is also observed in literature that no study has been done on stacking arbitrage and peak capacity
service provision combination and this study aims to do that.