A Secondary-Side Resonant LLC converter for Reducing Resonance Voltage with Boost Mode Operation Using Resonance Including Current Doubler Rectifier

Isolated DC-DC converters in data centers are now required to have a high step-down ratio and be suitable for high-power applications. As such DC-DC converters, LLC resonant converters have been attracting attention. However, the LLC resonant converter generates a large resonance voltage at the resonator, so the resonance inductor and resonance capacitor must be large in size. Recently, a previous study proposed a secondary-side resonance LLC converter to reduce the resonant voltages of the passive components. Nevertheless, this LLC converter requires a resonant capacitor in parallel with the rectifier to achieve boost mode operation, which complicates the circuit operation and design. Therefore, we have considered the use of the magnetizing inductance of the coupled inductor of the current doubler rectifier as a method to realize the boost mode operation. In this paper, we propose a new method of boost mode operation for LLC resonant converter using secondary-side resonance and the current doubler rectifier.